The best 10 reasons why perfectionism is bad for an Entrepreneur

Today we’re going to look at 10 reasons why perfectionism is bad for an Entrepreneur.

Always looking for perfection can earn you a lot of regrets in life. It is a hindrance to your career achievements, financial rewards, among others.

Placing much pressure on yourself can expose you to a couple of risks. Here are some of how perfectionism can be a good thing for both entrepreneurs and freelancers. Before we get into the list of the 10 reasons why perfectionism is bad for an Entrepreneur let’s see examples.

Think of Margret Thatcher, Tiger Woods, and Steve Jobs, who wouldn’t consider them among the top performers in their respective fields. Their efforts for flawless excellence enabled each to reach their remarkable career highs that are rightfully nearly impossible to be matched by just anyone.

For instance, Margret Thatcher was also known as Iron Lady, was the first woman to be elected as a British Prime Minister. She served as British prime minister for a couple of years before her retirement time comes.

Margret was ranked as the greatest Britons ever lived.

Steve Jobs changed the world of computing, personal technology, and mobile phones by introducing new additional technological advancements.

Tiger Wood breaks very many records in golf and in sports. Being one of the highest-paid athletes of any sport.

Global cultural icon, Madonna is currently one of the best-selling female recording artists. Through her business determination, she inspires many music artists, inventors, scientists, and visionaries, among others.

Many people will ask what the similarities between these extraordinary personalities have in common.

Well, their dedication to achievement, improving their world view and demanding excellence from themselves. These people always strive for perfectionism that allows them to change their fortunes radically.

well if perfectionism leads to breaking sports, music, and technology records, why is it bad? well, let’s break perfectionism and its effects on people down.

Perfectionism in Business

Let’s dig down into these 10 reasons why perfectionism is bad for an Entrepreneur.

Perfectionism is one of the hindrances to the growth of a business. Many psychologists consider this a disorder and discourage business-oriented people from trying to be perfect as it has negative effects on business progress.

Steve Jobs was a known perfection-oriented person which led to a breakdown in business relationships, the most famous of which was steve Wozniak who invented a plethora of apple products.

Also, he implemented rules and demands that were impossibly high standards for others to be measured against.

For instance, Jobs required all teams at APPLE to report every step of the macintosh computer development to him. This significantly increased the development time, demoralized employees, led to firings and employee quitting.

Jobs was known to fire anyone who did not follow his strict rules and let go of talented employees who could have added a lot to the project.

Steve Jobs dumped nearly-completed projects if they did not meet his level of perfectionism.

You don’t need mediocrity in a company, but excellence doesn’t require perfection, as it has an inhibiting chance of your business’s progress.

So, if you continue down the regular destructive path to perfectionism, be ready to deal with massive issues for the rest of your life.

Here are the 10 reasons why perfectionism is bad for an Entrepreneur

1. You will have unrealistic and impossible expectations.

This one of the reasons why perfectionism is an enemy to entrepreneurs you should know. Jared Kant is a well-documented case of the harm of documentation. He grew up being taught to erase entire sentences because there a minor error in the sentence. He later would erase entire term papers and essays if one sentence was wrong If you insist on creating a product or service, you will have to saddle with a litany of demanding features that will prefer your company. Therefore, any concept of minimum viable products, then you won’t appeal to your demanding sensibilities. This one of the darker things on this list of the 10 reasons why perfectionism is bad for an Entrepreneur.

2. You’ll be exposed to an excessive level of stress.

Since your benchmarks for success are so high, life is a ground fight between you and your stress. This will lead you to impose a lot of effort at perfecting for non-essentials things that hinder the opportunities to relax and get refreshed. after some time you’ll not be looking forward to your entrepreneurial endeavors.

3. Your Creativity will run dry.

High performance in a company is not a walk in the park. It involves a lot of work and creativity, which perfectionism can easily kill. Therefore, for the sake of your business prosperity, it is essential to dedicate yourself to your company, but make room for errors everyone in a while.

4. You will probably waste both time and opportunities.

This is another reason business experts dissuade entrepreneurs from becoming perfectionists. Perfectionism is a hindrance to business as you’ll waste a lot of time doing unnecessary things instead of healthy business chores. You might spend most of your time harassing a graphic designer for a crooked letter in a graphic instead of the actual product. It is recommended that you launch the product (minimum viable product) even before you become ready since it is the only way to improve your product value. This is a sensitive process that when you fail to adhere can lead you to a less than perfect product.

5. You risk damaging your health.

Perfectionism, in some cases, is considered to be a psychological issue. It can manifest as a physical disorder too. For instance, can you imagine what hours of lost sleep and missed meals will do to your body? Well, you’ll probably see the potential physical damage perfectionism can ad into your life.

6. You will be crushed when you fail.

Perfectionism is indeed setting exceptionally high standards. There is a risk massive failure will lead to a massive crush in confidence. For instance, Pamela Sue Edwards broke records in track and was an accomplished cello player. Pamela was also a co-valedictorian while still in high school. When she was 24 she took her own life because of the pressure of achieving more and more exceptional feats.

7. You won’t be Open to Compromise.

Flexibility is not a thing to many perfectionists who feel the urge to have everything very rigid. However, being an entrepreneur is being flexible which is a good recipe to success. For instance, top entrepreneurs use their flexibility to change their business realities. This is what is called pivoting. This makes better innovators in the business sector.

8. You’ll be more risk-averse.

A perfectionist is a phobia; this is according to a couple of psychologists. It links many people to a fear of failure and prone to making unnecessary mistakes. So, if you think failure prevents you from taking the next step, then automatically, you won’t get it done. Alternatively, some successful entrepreneurs thrive by learning from the mistake they have made. Therefore, you won’t need perfection for you to make positive progress in life.

9. You’ll be seen as a monster by both of your employees and peers.

Nothing hurts like demanding perfectionism in a company. Steve Jobs is one of the entrepreneurs known to use perfectionism and it is shown with all the people who worked with him who don’t have a single good word to say about him. Well, if being a monster is not your passion, and it sounds terrible when being referred to, unbridled perfectionism can probably turn you into one without your notice. In many cases, it leads to total disappointments for everyone involved. This happens more than often on this list of 10 reasons why perfectionism is bad for an Entrepreneur.

10. You won’t find true happiness.

It is a very good idea that everybody has a perfect life, a perfect business, and even a perfect spouse. Most of that is a warped sense of wanting to live how other people do. We tend to see that other people have perfect lives when they are not. This makes many people love to emulate.

Conclusion of the 10 reasons why perfectionism is bad for an Entrepreneur

You can benefit from striving to be perfect in business, and aiming for excellent should always be on your mind. Therefore, in this era of agile business, ensure you play your business cards wisely.

This concludes today’s article on the 10 reasons why perfectionism is bad for an Entrepreneur


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